• Surveillance Experts

    Creative Solutions’ Specialized Surveillance Division (SSD) is staffed by only experienced surveillance operatives trained in the art of surveillance. Our in-house surveillance investigators consistently obtain video documented evidence in the most demanding environments. With our fleet of specialized surveillance vehicles, Creative Solutions obtains unparalleled video documented intelligence and evidence at a competitive price.

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  • Creative Solutions Investigative Services

    Complex Problems call for
    Creative Solutions

    Providing creative solutions to clients dealing with complex situations, with the highest level of service and value. That’s the Creative Solutions difference. Creative Solutions’ vast in-house resources enable us to ensure results without exceeding your budget. Call today for your free and confidential phone or in-person consultation to discuss your options and how we can help you.

  • Innovative Use of Technology

    Innovative Use of Technology

    Cutting edge technologies are employed in every investigation to gather and document the most critical information pertinent to your case. Creative Solutions’ experienced investigators, utilizing the most current technology ensures that the evidence we provide to you will be clear, concise and compelling.

  • Background Investigations

    Background Investigations

    Creative Solutions’ comprehensive background investigations are unparalleled in the industry. We combine years of experience in federal and state intelligence units, with proprietary databases, social media and deep web investigations to get the evidence and information you need. Creative Solutions’ skilled intelligence analysts will organize volumes of information and provide you with a simple, straightforward report.

Litigation Support

Providing you with the evidence necessary to accomplish your goals is a critical component to any winning strategy. As part of your litigation team, we will produce timely and dependable results essential for your success.

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Uncovering evidence that may otherwise be overlooked is often the key to successfully resolving complex disputes. With our team in your corner, we will discover the facts you need to achieve the best outcome possible.

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Surveillance and Technical Services

Surveillance and the use of technology are a key element to leverage a situation in your favor and can be budgeted to fit your needs. We have assembled a team of experienced, dedicated, full-time field agents and specialists who are experts in performing covert surveillance for sensitive investigations. With a fleet of specialized, high-tech surveillance vehicles, we ensure that all surveillance and field work is performed to exacting standards. These services are integrated with the investigation to obtain the highest level of results for our clients.

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