Surveillance and Technical Services

Keeping A Watchful Eye

We at Creative Solutions ensure that all members of our in-house surveillance team are integrated, working seamlessly together toward one goal; to provide you with a comprehensive, integrated, investigative product. The majority of small firms often use outside investigators as subcontractors to perform their field surveillance.

The use of subcontractors may not provide the level of service that our integrated surveillance team can, as our field investigators have a vested interest and are involved in all aspects of the investigation.  Trust your sensitive investigation to Creative Solutions; we are committed to getting you results.

Our Sophisticated Arsenal

Creative Solutions surveillance operations begin with a pre-surveillance survey and the deployment of a fixed camera on the target location. This results in a large amount of intelligence and evidence, collected without detection. After an intelligence gathering period, video documented physical surveillance is initiated by a Creative Solutions highly skilled and trained investigator. The use of this process creates a huge cost savings to you, and we are able to guarantee success!

With today’s rapidly advancing technology, you should expect the highest quality video evidence from your confidential investigations. We have researched, compiled, and fabricated state of the art covert video systems, which include a covert surveillance van, vehicle video systems, remote access video, covert body cameras, and hidden field cameras. We are also a dealer of a comprehensive line of covert cameras, including body-worn cameras or cameras in your home, office, or nursery.

Debugging & Finding Electronic Threats

Creative Solutions provides services to protect you from threats resulting from this advanced technology. From searching and electronically sweeping your vehicle for hidden audio devices or Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking devices to searches for hidden cameras and recording devices in your home or office, we have the technology.