Occasionally, individuals and business owners need the support of professional, trustworthy, and qualified investigators to resolve internal and external concerns. At Creative Solutions, our investigators are dedicated to providing you with the same services they provided to our national and state governments during their careers. Our expertise in case management and obtaining evidence through professional means and methods are essential to any person, organization, or entity seeking assistance.

Utilizing our experience to solve problems, we at Creative Solutions provide you with a competitive advantage by developing intelligence and finding evidence.

We conduct thorough background investigations to get you the information you need.

After a free, initial consultation, Creative Solutions will provide you with a detailed proposal of the operational plan, investigative phases, anticipated outcome(s), and costs associated with each phase. At Creative Solutions, we work with you to get exactly what you need, within an affordable budget. With the plan in place and regular communication with you, positive results will follow.

No investigative firm can provide expertise in all areas of specialization. If you have an investigative or technical need that Creative Solutions cannot provide, we will connect you with the source you need through our worldwide network of specialists and experts.