litigation support

When a case requires an investigation to support your litigation, whether it is family, civil, plaintiff, or defense-related, a broad range of skills and resources are necessary to accomplish the task. We at Creative Solutions have the depth of experience and resources required to obtain evidence to protect your client: evidence that will move a case along quickly or be prepared for deposition, hearing, or trial.

Our highly skilled and experienced investigators will obtain evidence other firms are not equipped to handle. For example, our Creative Solutions surveillance team utilizes covert video platforms and specialized vehicles and techniques that will uncover evidence in ways other firms are incapable of.

After an initial consultation with you , a partner from Creative Solutions will provide you with a detailed proposal of the operational plan, investigative phases, anticipated outcome(s), and costs associated with each phase.

Creative Solutions investigators work with you to get exactly what you need for your litigation while staying within budget. With the plan in place and regular communication with both you and your client, positive results will follow.

At Creative Solutions, we are in the business of building cases, not just investigating. Whether you are looking to convince, confront, or convict, you need a compelling and winning case.